I have a new invention or idea that I want to protect. What should I do?

You may or may not want to pursue patent and/or trade secret protection. Time is of the essence for applying for patent protection. You may forfeit your right to patent your invention if your invention is publicly disclosed, another inventor files first, or you do not otherwise timely file.

While there are many attorneys throughout the United States, only Registered Patent Attorneys are authorized to provide legal advice and file patent applications before the United States patent and trademark office. Registered patent attorneys account for less than 3% of lawyers. They are required to have at least: a bachelor’s of science degree in core science; engineering; or, the equivalent; received a Juris Doctorate degree from a state approved law school; passed their respective state’s highest bar; and, passed the Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office – which is frequently called the patent bar.

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